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What I think about Google Chrome

September 12th, 2008 3 Comments »

By the way everyone knows (by now atleast) Google has its new “Chrome – Google’s Web Browser” its pretty cool for browsing, its great way or great example on what user wants to feel happy while browsing…

I was wondering why would Google want to build Browser, :-) well they have reason for it, have a look here from Google’s Word – Why Google Wanted to Create Its Own Browser

What I like about Chrome?

  1. Way Browsing elements are arranged
  2. Wide Browsing area
  3. Fast browsing experience
  4. Incognito feature – its called InPrivate in IE8

However what I dont like is the memory its taken while browsing, I might be wrong (Please comment it If i am) which slows up the other application, I am getting the feeling that, thats one of the area Google has to concentrate as it was the same issue with Google Desktop.

Anyways, Lets see what I have felt using chrome in details.

1. Way Browsing elements are arranged

What if, if you get exactly what you want in-front of you ? that’s what it happens in Chrome when you open a new tab, it thumbnails all the previously browsed websites in front of you, you need not type in again. Though all browser shows recently typed URL as you typein couple of character but its always presentation and reachable matters website thumbnails are ready in-front of you just click it, don’t you agree with me?

Have a look at some of them.

Google Chrome - Tabbed Tumbnail display

2. Larger Browsing area

t has larger browsing area which is most required while browsing, if you can observe status bar is smartly built like a  mouseover effect, what i meant is it displays on when you type in the URL on the address bar and while loading and it vanishes while its done !! isn’t it great and wanted feature.

No Menu and we dont want it either, how often do we use it, hardly for setting the connection? I am sure 99% of the users never touch the menu item which are displayed in the top its taken out in Chrome – we dont want it (I know its alredy came in IE7 release)

3. Fast browsing experience

Though I felt Chrome, is pretty faster, Firefox still cliams its 28% more faster then Chrome engine. They might be right also ;-)

4. Incognito feature – its called InPrivate in IE8

What is Incognito?

“Browsing in incognito mode only keeps Google Chrome from storing information about the websites you’ve visited” Good for you doesn’t keep track if you visit “family websites” lol ;-) and you need not explicitly clear the history, however you might have to put off or pause Google Web History tracking, as it still keep track of search history if you have logged in as Google user.

Google Chrome - Incognito
By the way all new cookies are deleted after you close the incognito window, hmmmmmm if everyone started using “incognito” or “inprivate” (from IE8) what happens to metrics in Web Analytics reports?

What will be fate of Unique visitors – everyone will be unique in this case? any thoughts?

Security flaws

A security expert has criticized what serves as the automatic file download feature that comes enabled by default in Google Chrome. They argued that it could be used easily by an attacker to trick a user into opening a malicious executable file.

Source - Wiki

But now the chanllenge part is how quickly (just in case) Chrome will acquire market share of in the browsers war. It took 5 years to capture 43% of browser market share for Firefox against Microsoft,

Have a look look at the detailed Browser Statistics Month by Month by W3Schools –

Now its your trun – What do you have to say, Do you think Google Can succed in its Brower market? Please comment.

To Download Google Chrome –

Learn About Google Chrome – kamagra oral jelly
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