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Enhancement to SiteCatalyst Form Abandonment Plug-in and Reporting to improve its usage in 2 Stage

December 1st, 2011 9 Comments »

I had earlier written a blog post on “How do you Implement & Measure Form Performance and Conduct Form Analysis” which detailed about implementation part of form analysis plugin, However what I have observed, business owners are not sure how to make best use of them, due to couple of reasons.

  • Form Analysis are not accurate or does not collect most of the form data which are required.
  • Data looks junk or messed up or unable to read and understand to derive insights out of it.

Here is a 2 stage enhancement which I had made to one of my client to get form analysis plugin better and to make use of the data collected to derive insights out of it.

Enhancement to Plug-in:

Stage 1: Enhance the plug-in to read the form or form element not just with name but also by id attribute.

Plug-in developed by Omniture engineering team reads the form and its element based on its name attribute. However in many instances developer might omit adding name attribute or just add “id” attribute or visa-versa , in other words attribute usage might not be consistent.

Existing Plug-in code: form name and form element name are picked by name

Omniture Plugin

Changes made: form name and form element name are picked by name first, if name attribute is not available then its picked from id attribute.

Omniture Plugin

Stage 2: Enhance plug-in to track visitors who close the browser or click on a link without touching the forms.

What if, if the user lands on a page and closes his browser or clicks on any link move to a different page, Omniture plug-in will not track these scenario, a small change in the code will enable to track abandon due to browser close or click on a link without touching forms.

I am unable to show the test data here, but you can try doing these changes it works pretty well and data now looks lot more comprehensive.

Omniture Plugin

Enhancement to Reporting:

Now that we have data how do we use it?

Here is how the collected data will look like, it contains data like page name, form name, action status – all these in a single row?

Stage 1: Classify it

Form Placement

Lists out where different forms are placed

Form Name

List of forms in the entire site

Form Status

Action taken by the user, Abandon, No Data Entered etc.

Form Element Name

List of elements where visitor has just left after filling it up.

By classifying this way you can actually view data in different dimension and at the aggregated level as well. For example you can see the list of forms broken down by elements by action so it clearly states where does the max visitor are abandoning the forms.

Area of Improvements:
- More detailed level of tracking can be adopted depending on the level of analysis required, if the domain main objective are lead generation, through additional event usage data representation can be improved.

Stage 2: Automate the classification Process

- Unless classification process is automated its really pain in the neck to create SAINT Classification file every time we need to upload.

Please feel free to comment out your idea and inputs and how have you used this plugin to benefit your clients.

Interesting reads on form abandonment:

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