Best Practices #3: Documenting the process or project to have seamless transition

January 29th, 2012 No Comments »

When you are working in services based company, in most cases either you will be working on multiple projects or you will not be working on the one project for a longer time, in other words once your expertise is utilized for a particular project you will be moved to different projects. While you move others will take over your role, the challenge the project managers will face is to have smoother and seamless transition of the project.

Once of the main factor which help in smoother project transitions is to have project document or process document.

So lets talk about what does a typical process document should contain.

  • Introduction/Scope of document
  • Process Map
  • Detailed Process Description
  • Tools Used
  • Data Sources
  • Links
  • Quality Checklist

-Pradeep SV