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Oct 19

Not everyone will talk about naming the menus within SiteCatalyst. Few things which made me write this article are the questions which would arise in developers as well as business owners mind.


  • I am seeing the value in c3 on the debugger where do I see the report or which menu should I have to see it in? (I know its simple and can see at custom insights 1 to 10, however the problem is if we have not enabled prop2 and prop3 then prop4 appears in second line item, which might be mistaken for prop2 instead of prop4)
  • How do I map back custom variables which I am seeing in debugger back, to Omniture reports.

Business Owners:

  • If I do not know the report name how do I indicate or index a report back in SiteCatalyst?

Real time Questions:

#1: How do I relate the props I am seeing in debugger to menu within Omniture?

Best Practice for Menu Naming and Convention

  • Indicate each of the menu item to there respective customer variables numbers, convention as below.

Variable Type

Convention Index







Reason for using v, c and e for eVar, Props and Events Respectively

  • To match with debugger or Omniture image beacons (See Screenshot below)
  • Also to align with the Omniture Standards (As per the Implementation Manual)

Menus After Renaming to Standard Naming Convention




Usually it will be difficult to indicate a particular report by name which could be made much easier if each menu has some numbers.

It is a good practice to have a consistent naming convention if you are working with multiple clients and follow

the same standards across the organization.

Answer to the Question asked above (#1):

  • Its pretty clear that c3 is mapped “New Repeat Visitor” through the proposed naming conversion.
  • Also even if we have not enabled any of the variables in the middle of the menu, it still can be correctly mapped with the number indication

I would strongly recommend to use the same naming convention.

-Pradeep SV

3 Responses to “Best Practices #1: Omniture SiteCatalyst Standard Menu Naming Convention”

  1. Ramkumar Says:

    Good point, and many do not follow that for sure.
    You may also add the naming convention for a report suite name against report suite id (report suite id included in the display name for better identification).

  2. Pradeep SV Says:

    @Ram, True, that’s one of the reason why I am trying to push to adopt, and you made a good point, I should have considered adding reportsuite naming convention as well, infact Omniture does not search reportsuites by ID if the name does not contain RSID.

    Let me append reportsuite naming conversion as well.

    Pradeep SV

  3. PAP Technologies Says:

    This was a great post, thank you very much for the information.

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