I am now Adobe Certified For Processing Rules

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I am now Adobe Certified For Processing Rules


Excited and feels amazing to see as Nominee for “Digital Analytics Raising Star” in DAA Awards – its an Honor

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It an amazing to get nominated for Digital Analytics Association Award “Digital Analytics Raising Star” Category – It feels really great to see my name with the industry experts and other great analyst.

After working for 10 long years in the Digital Marketing and Analytics world I was able to see myself in the “Raising Star” category – long way to go even to be consistent and to get recognized in this category, and to see under next levels such as “Practitioner” and “Most Influential” take lot of hard work and dedication. But its definitely a continues effort to give back to the community what I learnt and I will keep working hard and share the knowledge to my team members and the analytics community.

Thank you for nominating and seeing me as “Digital Analytics Rising Star” its really an Honor and that’s the greatest appreciation for me.

Tough there is long way to grow and lot to contribute to community,  Just in case if you opt for me to vote to let you know about few things,

  • Certified in Adobe  SiteCatalyst
  • Certified Google Analytics
  • Continuously shares information I learn and experiment through social media channels like twitter and my personal blog.
  • Help my team members and digital analytics community with their technical questions and challenges.
  • Directly or indirectly putting efforts to mentor people to grow in analytics industry.
  • Helped customers in wide industry verticals and leading Banking, Healthcare, Travel and Retail to drive analytics measurement, governance and process.

Nominees List - http://www.digitalanalyticsassociation.org/default.asp?page=awards2013_nominees

-Pradeep SV


LinkedIn – My Review after GUI change

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LinkedIn – its NEAT – that’s the first through which comes up after seeing look and feel change.

Changes which l liked:

  • Activity Section: Before it was in left nav and on home page, its right up front while viewed as logged in.
  • Section Heading and Sub-Headings: Very clear and Neat.
  • Experience Section: Display of Company logo in adjacent is cool
  • Graphical Network representation: By School, Industry, Company are really cool and informative.
  • Profile strength: Not sure what does this indicate but it looks good :)
  • Ads: An important  part of there revenue model, though subscription is their primary, they are trying hard to promote ads as best as they can, through ads display on top left part, which is catchy is it sustains to be visible on left navigation even when page is scrolled to bottom of the page, it will be interesting to see how much success they are going to achieve through this change.
Any comments?